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Why Do I Write?

Kate from The Whole Housewife recently alerted me to a lovely little blog hop that’s a-happening. The Why Do You Write? hop. Evidently, and kindly, she passed the baton to me, and I was stoked. There’s something about writing about writing that softens me (more…)

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Make the Unknown Knowable

I mention this in the video that you’re about to watch, but I’m going to punctuate it again here: There isn’t a self-deflating, disempowering thought that you’ve thought about yourself that I haven’t thought about myself. Period. And I often (more…)

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Such Different Vixens: Sophie Bell

When I think about Sophie, I can’t get past the notion that she really is the embodiment of her work. Bright, colourful, inspiring, utterly gorgeous, soft, silly, light, playful… Looking at the spaces she creates, and her unmistakable style, it’s obvious how infused her (more…)

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bright eyed blog hearted party girls guide to peace

Want to Create a Killer Blog AND Get High As a Kite? Your Peace-Seeking, Blog Hearted Journey Starts Here.

I’m so pumped today. Gorgeous Rach from In Spaces Between has re-launched her stunning, wildly popular, reality-altering eCourse, Bright-Eyed and Blog-Hearted back out into the world. And I’m jumping on board to support her (loud and proud) in adding a little extra sweetness (and (more…)

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