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It’s with great appreciation, true love, blood-shot-eyes and cramped-computer-fingers, that I offer you (fabulous, beautiful you!) my very first e-book, 5 Steps to Killer Confidence- Your Tool Kit for Living a Confident, Inspired Life. This truly felt like a soul project to me; the mini-guide that I had intended on throwing together for you, quickly transformed into the comprehensive tool kit I’m offering you today. It’s drenched in love and learning, gorgeous, and I know you’ll love it.

Elegant and poetic and laden with spirit, Tara’s eBook 5 Steps to Killer Confidence starts with the story – her story – of a girl who lost her way and circled back to find herself again – anew, unshackled and full of the wisdom she so generously shares with us all in this guide to living with courage. It’s the shake up and the tight embrace you may not even know you need.

Sparkling with warmth and positivity, the book comes alive with the perfect blend of ‘spiritual,’ ‘practical’ and Hey-sista-I’m-so-here-for-you energy. Believe me when I say that once you dive in, you’ll find yourself taking a pick-axe to the deep-seated fears holding you back from being the best version of yourself. I know I certainly did.

Some books simply inspire. This one will inspire you to action.

Rachel MacDonald

Let’s Tara’s wisdom and spooky intuition guide you to dissolving the blocks to the confidence you deserve. From transforming your fears to re-writing your disempowering stories to clear scripts for politely saying no to situations and requests that have you compromising on the things that make you happy; this e-book will make your life better. I have personally implemented each of these five tips in my own life, and because of them I have completely transformed from the once-shy and self-doubting girl I was. I have no doubt that Tara’s tips will have the same affect on you.

Jessica Ainscough – Health Coach, Speaker + Writer

5 Steps to Killer Confidence is completely infused with love, strength and guidance. Tara writes with a transparent honesty that only true self-confidence can bring – offering her story so that we can connect with integrity to our own.

As soon as I began the book, I was completely drawn into its flow & dynamic energy. Tara makes living with confidence totally achievable and gets your mind ticking by painting a beautiful picture of what confidence might look like for you. The book is so clearly & colourfully laid out, with loads of room to write notes & get creative.

Tara’s words created such an impact for me, that whilst working through her 5 steps, I felt completely supported, taken care of and safe – even in the most raw of moments.

5 steps to killer confidence will completely hit home & get to the core of what is stopping you from living with breathtakingly abundant confidence, transforming your fears into the fuel behind confidence – I have no doubt of that!

My favourite step? Step 3; Re-Write your story. It’s so true that we are often stuck in our own story and it’s difficult to see it from another perspective, though Tara makes this do-able, creative & so freeingly fun!

Overall, what I love most about this book, is that Tara herself has implemented the 5 Steps to Killer Confidence in her own life (they’re not just techniques that read well on a page), so you know without question, with a little of your own honestly, patience & self-love, you can totally & completely live an inspired & confident life.

Melissa Horne- Holistic Kinesiologist + Coach

Thank you Tara! This e-book (I’d rather call it a tool-box for life!) has empowered me; to be able to say ‘No’ when I am inundated with work, to put myself first in an unselfish way, and to finally set some new directions for my business and life in general. You were my angel last night- I read it through twice, and again this morning. It was exactly what I needed. I am excited to look up and see a different sky today.

Adele, aka Vegie Head

With authenticity, passion, and a whole lotta soul, Tara equips you with a self-confidence tool kit so you can march bravely in to the world. Not only is this book a super practical, content-packed how-to guide, it is a manual for self-reflection and inner exploration. Tara poses soul-searching questions that take you on a journey in to your self to unravel anything and everything that is holding you back.

Tara is a soulful, inspiring and gifted healer and teacher. This girl walks her talk and you can trust that everything she recommends in this book is tried and tested. Her heart-felt, honest and powerful guidance will have you rocking out with killer confidence in no time.

Connie Chapman – Life Coach

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5 Steps to Killer Confidence is broken up into two main sections. In Part One, I dive into my story; my journey from party-girl insecurity to self-referencing confidence has been punctuated and made memorable by moments spent feeling on-the-outside, terribly disconnected and foreign in my surroundings. Flicking off the victim switch was a huge turning point in my life, and amongst other wonderful things, it allowed love to find me (helloooooosexy husband!). I have no doubt you’ll read your story in mine. Let me put my hand up to be your Virtual BFF.

In Part Two, we get practical. I’d love you to print the PDF, because all five steps contain worksheets. If you’re eco-conscious, simply print pages 14-30. (Also, you may need to increase the zoom in Adobe to 100%). The five steps build upon each other, so starting from Step One, let the pen hit the paper. Take your time. This is transformative work, and implementation is key. Absorb the knowledge, fill out the worksheets, expand. Lather, rinse, repeat.

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