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Archive | Pressing Questions

Image by photographer, Amanda Gilligan

Lucky Dip: Whispers From My Journal

It’s weird. I feel uncomfortable. I feel full of doubt about this.You will find another way, T. You always do. You adapt, you devote, you know how to find your feet.Will I experience that degree of spirituality and synchronicity as I did then? Do not attach to the symbol. When you cling, you cannot create. You […]

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become more intuitive

Become More Intuitive With These Two Simple Steps

Have you ever felt a sacred yearning to ‘become more intuitive’? I know in my own life, I’ve certainly sifted through stages where I’ve longed for a deeper sense of connection with something – soul, spirit, fairies from the Secret Garden. Whatever. As I’ve personally discovered though, intuition isn’t an elusive enterprise. It’s not saved for […]

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The Answer to Your Prayers

This is me as a brunette mountain bunny, in Banff, Canada. Circa March 2012 I felt really compelled to make this video for you. It’s important. I think I can safely speak for us all is declaring that we all want to live glorious, intuitive lives; with spiritual sight that allows us to determine Right Paths […]

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