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How Do You Define Confidence?

Hi gorgeous! I hope you’ve been well. In my world, the last few weeks can be summed up quickly like this:

Lots of action (and by action, I mean- thinking, typing, strategising, dreaming, asking, questioning, wondering), lots of missing Glen (he’s just left for his second stint working away from home) and lots of future tripping (a gorgeous opportunity to practice presence).

I’ve made some big decisions recently. For starters, I decided to slip back into some part time work, which is a decision I’m more than happy with. In retrospect, it feels as though my business initially grabbed me by the horns and pulled me along with it for the ride (a true blessing, really), but ease is a dominating priority and right now is the time for me to set the pace. I’m enjoying the interaction, physical movement and time away from my computer. It just feels right.

I also made the decision to launch my first ever e-book! Have you downloaded it yet? I’ve been getting some oh-so-gorgeous feedback that truly touches my heart and turns my eyes misty. It feels good to write like this, from a place of total service, and then to simply release it to the world. To be honest, I’ve been seeing vivid, inspiring images of me doing more of this work in the future. Writing books, programs, e-guides, in service to whoever needs them. I certainly love the concept on soul-centred contribution, followed by a humble there-you-go-it’s-yours, take-it! type of release. Ebbs and flows. Cycles.

In honour of my e-book, today’s video is a short conversation on confidence; how I define it and interpret it, and what I hope this book helps you achieve. Hint: it doesn’t involve strutting around a room and ‘working it’. I wrote this from a much more subtle, vulnerable place than that.


Also- I don’t know what’s worse; the fact that I’ve taken to sitting down on the ground while I record videos, or that I hardly give a shit about it! Although, at least this time I went to the effort of clearing clothes off my bed. Lucky you!

Click the video and in the comments section over at my youtube channel, answer me this: What’s your definition of confidence? And as always, feel free to share your little heart out!

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