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Long Distance Love

It’s been an action packed morning in my neck of the woods, friends. As the clock is about to hit 11:00am, I’m overcome with that soft, lovely, tired feeling. I’m certainly not exhausted, just a smidge sleepy. There’s Victorian doors in my bedroom that open up to the front verandah, and I sleep with those doors open. Partly because it’s so hot here in Brisbane, but mostly, I’m adoring ‘waking with the sun’- something I’ve been fantasising over for the last twelve months or so. Opening my eyes (without an alarm) before 5am is precious to me, especially when I reflect on times gone by when I was just coming home at that time.

This morning was different, though. I woke up to the bright sun (and a puppy on each side of me, taking up space in my bed that should be filled by Glen), and before the clock struck 6, I found myself in spandex and runners, flicking through my itunes playlist.

I haven’t jogged in years (I can thank over three years of living in the snow for that!), but something energised me this morning. When I walked through the door, like a force to be reckoned with, I wrote out today’s to-do list, whipped up a delicious smoothie, and as if just for this day I was given the ability to multi-task like a champion, I tsunami-ed into outrageous house-wife mode. Friends, I have scrubbed the bathroom, changed my sheets, the kitchen is immaculate and I’ve decluttered my space for the third time in as many weeks. The puppies have been walked. Green juice has been drunk.

In touching in with how I wanted to feel today, I wrote this: Excitable.

You see, I haven’t seen Glen in two weeks; he’s been working away. Just as it’s been one of my dreams to wake with the sun and become more active, it’s been one of Glen’s to chef in remote areas. But tomorrow (although only momentarily), my man comes home.

I’ve been thinking about the dynamics of relationships, and how important it is that each and every one of us communicate what it is we want and need from the person we love. I’ll never forget the look on Glen’s face, when one time we were sitting in a bar in Japan, having been together for just a few months, and in between sips of sake I said to him ‘I think distance is really good for a relationship. I embrace it. I think the longer that two people can be genuinely stoked to see each other and spend time together, the better.’ Well, reflective of Glen’s insecurites of how much he thought I didn’t love him at the time (silly man!), he reacted with sad eyes with a side of silence.
I grabbed a hold of his hand and thought: It’s okay Tara, he just doesn’t quite know you well enough yet. He’ll figure you out.

A hot tip, straight up: honesty is the shit. Really, it is. I’m sitting in my chair right now counting down the hours till I get to see my husband, and I have no doubt that this absurd energy I’ve experienced today is a direct by-product of our anticipation to be together. I can already smell him.

What do you and your partner want? What type of life to you want to live together? Is one of you more dominant than the other when it comes to decisions, solutions, game plans, baby plans?

Being honest with your beloved about what you want and need is gentle and potent, all in one, and can I be honest? I’m really enjoying this double life Glen and I are living.

With Glen working away for weeks at time (something he fiercely manifested), he gets to devote himself to something that’s deeply important to him- financial security and freedom. Just as high on his list of priorities is: pah-lenty of time off (hello snowboarding + surfing holidays) and valuable time with me.
Simultaneously, I become blessed with hours, days and weeks to spend working on my blog and my business. Guilt free time I can use to study and connect and engage with my family. I can’t even express how infinitely grateful I feel that I can do these wonderful things, without the guilt of feeling as though I’m a terrible, non-doting wife.

And when he comes home?

It’s golden. It’s real. Love like that is the stuff that I believe in with my bones. I learned just this week (thanks to intuitve, Karina Ladet), that Glen and I have been together in past lives. As I absorbed that information, I cried. It’s no wonder I love him so much.

Pledge to yourself that you and your love will take care of each other. For Glen and I, distance is difficult, but doable, and SO worth it. Do you need to spend more quality time together? Does your union need a shake up of routine? Investigate, babe. Keep your sacred love alive.

Now, share this post with any of your girlfriends who need it (or hit the like button!), and get to creating some timeless, loved-up memories. Here’s to open communication, honest expression and soul-mate communion. And Mr. Farmer, tomorrow can’t come soon enough x

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