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3 Ways I’m Practicing Unconditional Love

I’ll enter into this conversation by sharing my spiritual name with you. (It’s a relevant little detour, I promise) After I returned from LA last year, having practiced Kundalini Yoga at Golden Bridge, I felt an incredibly loud and persistent calling to journey deeply (more…)

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what makes kundalini yoga different

What Makes Kundalini Yoga Different

What makes Kundalini Yoga different? What is a kriya? Is this whole thing a cult, or what? What’s with the white clothing and the turbans? I’ve heard people shake and get dizzy in class, what’s the deal? Your questions and curiosities have been witnessed, you bright (more…)

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the only person stopping you is you

The Only One Stopping You Is YOU (Video)

It absolutely crushes me when I’m talking to women who seem as though they’ve given up on themselves before they’ve even started. “That’ll never happen for me.” “Sound nice, but it’s too hard.” “Yeah, but… my ego is particularly evil…” I (lovingly) call bullshit. I see (more…)

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honouring Jess Ainscough

Honouring Jess Ainscough (and How You Can, Too)

Where do you even start? In and amongst the tears and the smiles and the grief and the peace, perhaps, we’ll start with what my mind naturally lands upon when I think of our dear angel, Jess Ainscough. I think about life. About living. Aliveness. Vitality. I (more…)

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anger alchemy

Anger Alchemy

Firstly, I bow to you. Your comments on last week’s post? Well, I just couldn’t keep up. Thank you so much for meeting me in that sweet space of open-heartedness… I’m forever grateful for this opportunity to serve you through my own learning. Beautiful. Let’s (more…)

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My Holy Instant With Gabby Bernstein

Photo cred: Emma Newby   I’m sitting in a room amongst hundreds of other women. A room lit by moonlight and the sparkle of an oversize ferris wheel that’s a stone’s throw away from the building we’re in. Our eyes (more…)

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How to Coach Yourself Into Making A BIG Decision

Wobbly knees. A belly fraught with butterflies. What if. What if. What if…? You know that voice. All signs that something has triggered you, and from where I stand, what triggers you deserves your attention, your curiosity, a little of your bandwidth. That’s what happened to (more…)

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Such Different Vixens (Finale): Jemma Gawned

“We marvel at the property, and sip in the country air, and then adventure around the nooks and crannies of the land, together, gathering flowers and pinecones and pretty little somethings in preparation for tonight. These little treasures filling our foraging (more…)

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spiritual home

Home: Have You Found It?

Happy New Year, you wonderful specimen, and welcome back. I’ve tagged this month as Reinvention Month in this space. Because, why not? ‘Don’t leave until you’ve made peace there.’ That’s what I suggest to my clients when they’re fed up with their job, their home, (more…)

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tarabliss 2014 6

2014 Photo Montage

For weeks I’ve been rolling around the idea of whether I wanted to compile an end of year post or not. It’s become a little of an annual ritual, I suppose. One that a lot of us bloggers share. I really (more…)

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silly season self-sabotage

Stop the Silly Season Sabotage

Yep. Holidays can feel like this. Let’s put this word ‘sabotage’ where it belongs… I love the way Caroline Myss so poetically and powerfully writes about the Saboteur Archetype. (Highly recommend her book Sacred Contracts if you want to dive more deeply into (more…)

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abundant compromise

Can a ‘Compromise’ Feel Abundant?

I feel as though I’ve taken on a little bit of a mission of late… To help people understand that they can easily transform their FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) into JOYO (the Joy Of Missing Out). I write about this pretty extensively (more…)

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