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Such Different Vixens: Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

Amy is a Mama Bear on a mission to enable other Mamas the permission to be happy. (Try saying that 5 times fast). To tend to their truest dreams as they would their children. To decide that self-care as a Mama aint narcissistic, or self-indulgent, but rather, freaking imperative, and of course, I shout Bravo! […]

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An Ode to My Little Location Independent Biz

Deep sigh. I did it. I made it. The ‘place’ in time that I always thought was some type of elusive holy grail… Not only have I miraculously (and I’ve gotta say, magically) stumbled/ been guided/ landed myself in the world of self-employment, but – the big one (at least for me) – my business is location independent. […]

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How To Have a Spiritual Holiday (Without Ashrams & Mala Beads)

I rubbed up against some conflicting moments as I was packing my bags for Japan. Leaving behind your life, while exhilarating and totally thrilling and most often well deserved, can also bring up unexpected insecurities. For me, this shows up as a fear that my life will wobble away from the sense of balance I’ve […]

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Yoga and Running: For Those Who Think They Can’t

This post has been brewing inside me for weeks. She’s ready now. I’m not penning these words for the spritely go-getter who jumps out of bed each morning, laces up her runners and hits the track. Nor am I writing this for the devoted yogini who effortlessly finds ease, presence and profound flexibility on her mat. […]

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Clear Crystal Quartz: Why You Need It In Your Life

Clear Crystal Quartz. She’s a beauty. Purity incarnate. Transparent magic. And if you’re a sucker for the odd crystal, she’s absolutely one you’ll be wanting to add to your collection. In this video, I share with you: The ‘personality’ of crystal quartz How to use her Situations that are perfect for using her, and Situations […]

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living in the moment

The Truth About Living in the Moment

You’re toggling between a dozen open tabs. You’re half way through reading that chapter when you reach for an Instagram update. You’re scooping your oatmeal into your mouth while getting riled up at the morning news, or scrolling through Facebook. Your hands are on the steering wheel and your mind’s out two days ahead of […]

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What Does Freedom Mean to Me? A Q&A Video

I love me some good Q&A. And my beautiful new friend, Claire Obeid, has asked me some pretty damn fine Q’s to A. Even if I do say so myself. Claire is the creator of the The Wellness Project (a bloody divine corner of the web), and to celebrate the relaunch of her eCourse, The Freedom […]

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raw chocolate mint slice

Nourish: Raw Chocolate Mint Slice

Mint slice. The type of biscuit that goes down in the record books – alongside Tim Tams and Iced VoVos – as iconic, and freaking delicious. And my husbo has more than mastered the fine art of replicating it’s exact flavour in probably the most healthful way known to man. Guilt free. Decadent. The type […]

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spirited chat

Join Me and Rach MacDonald for a Spirited Chat!

It’s about time we had a conversation. Like, a for real conversation. Real time. One on one. Actually, make that two on one! Inspired by the ever popular New Years fizzle out, me my girl Rach are hosting a live event next Tuesday 28th January entitled Living a Spirited Life in 2014, and we’ll be covering […]

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sobering up

Sobering Up: Why It Was Worth It

It’s Sunday morning and I bump into one of my soulies at the organic markets. My basket is hungry for bunches of kale, ruby red grapefruits and cherry tomatoes, and her cardboard box is brimming with spinach, cucumbers and zucchinis. Bright eyed and bushy tailed, here we stand, chatting about what’s inspiring us, and how […]

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Such Different Vixens: Brie-ann Boal

Hold onto your hats. The whimsy, contemplation and sheer inner beauty of this incredible creature is about to blow you away. Brie-ann Boal is luminous – there’s really no better word I can muster to describe her. With a big smile, and a joyful giggle, and a mind that mesmerises (just wait until you read her […]

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how to handle stress

How to Handle Stress, Scatterbrain!

The message in this video means the world to me. I believe in it, for starters, but on top of that, it’s undoubtedly effective. And what I most appreciate about this strategy on how to handle stress, is that it’s actionable. It’s in-the-moment. Prevention always trumps cure, but hey, at the end of the day, […]

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