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by Tabitha Shafran ++ Source

Raise Your Vibes and Close the Gap

A huge holler to my girls that know what they want, but are unsure of how to get it. Credit where credit is due – I want to applaud you for breathing into your vision, for locking eyes with it, for boldly declaring (even if it’s just to your heart) that you’ve found the ‘thing’. And that […]

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sugar free choc mousee

Sugar-free Chocolate Mousse with Mixed Berries + Crunch

Since quitting sugar, I’ve had a whole bunch of fun coming up with creative ways to throw together meals and snacks without sacrificing how satisfying it is to experience sweetness.Sweetness is lovely. Sugar headaches are not.So while I’m here, let me quickly definite what ‘quitting sugar’ looks like in my life. :: I’m not a purist. I’ve said […]

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What Rules Can You Rebel Against?

What Rules Can You Rebel Against?

Is it noble to suffer in silence as you carry on adhering to a way of life you once decided was right? I’m leaning towards No, no it isn’t. Misguided, maybe. Stubborn, perhaps. Well-intentioned, yeah okay sure. But noble? True integrity – I believe (with conviction) - comes from identifying what is it that’s right for you (on a […]

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overcoming fear

Overcome Fear and Defrost from Doubt

You’re fearful, and you feel stifled by your grandest dreams. You want to move forward, but a lifetime of conditioning is keeping you stuck beyond stuck. To overcome fear and take risks in pursuit of your visions – it all feels a little too big, a little too effortful, more than a little impossible. I […]

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where yo sisters at

Where Your Soul Sisters At? Connect with Your Tribe, Girl!

Community. Soul Sisters. Ceremony. Sacred communion. Booming laughter fit to fall down from the heavens. I simply cannot get enough of it. Where has this been all my life? This love, these opportunities, these memories that are precious to make. Perhaps it has all been here this entire time, and instead of landing in my open at the ready heart, they’ve […]

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tess wilcox 3

Such Different Vixens: Tess Wilcox from Ames Collective

So to start with, I just want to ask you , my reader, a question. Do you appreciate the written word? Tender sentences, plumped-with-presence  paragraphs. The kind of compelling story-telling that moves you, melts your muscles and tells you – in this moment, as you’re reading – that in that moment – as they were […]

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Image found here.

Lacking Life Balance? Quit Struggling with the Juggle. Watch This.

Ah, this old chestnut. Life balance. ‘I feel overwhelmed.’ ‘I feel scattered.’ ‘I feel like I’m being stretched too thin.’ ‘I can’t keep up.’ Today’s video is in response to a beautiful Such Different Reader, Lauren, who’s struggling with feeling scattered in her attempts to keep her life balanced. Ring a bell? (Wink!) I have […]

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Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 9.48.20 pm

Green With Envy? How to Emerge Out Of It with Elegance & Ease

 I’m skipping a lengthy intro today, because, to be honest, this info graphic manages to sum up everything I want to say in… oh… 11 words! So instead, I’m going to lovingly usher you in the direction of this here video. If you’ve been pricked by the sting of unexpected  jealousy… (Bleurgh! A word I […]

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dahl 1

Glen’s Unreal Golden Dahl Recipe

Do you guys like One Pot Wonders – the types of meals that you can throw together in one pot, garnish with a few odds and ends,  and keep coming back to again and again? Yeah, me too.  The type of food that’s vibrant, exciting, festive, communal and a real Get Your Hands And Chins […]

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become more intuitive

Become More Intuitive With These Two Simple Steps

Have you ever felt a sacred yearning to ‘become more intuitive’? I know in my own life, I’ve certainly sifted through stages where I’ve longed for a deeper sense of connection with something – soul, spirit, fairies from the Secret Garden. Whatever. As I’ve personally discovered though, intuition isn’t an elusive enterprise. It’s not saved for […]

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five faves songs

Five Soul Faves: Songs that Move and Soothe

Blogging for the sake of blogging. I’ve missed that. For a while, Self Centred Sundays was feeding the desire I had in me to share openly about my life, about what was capturing my attention, inspiring me. But after a few months, it started to feel a little too… self indulgent and… icky. So I […]

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coulda woulda shoulda

Coulda Woulda Shoulda: Rising Above Regret.

By now, you’d be forgiven for thinking I’m slightly bipolar. Just a few weeks ago, I was all up in your grill, driving a home a message to slow down in the face of the habitual PUSH across the finish line. You know that feeling well. Your body is tired. Your mind, frazzled. It feels […]

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alice nicholls

Such Different Vixens: Alice Nicholls from The Whole Daily

Kindred spirits… Every so often one floats into your life. And when she does, you just… know. With Alice, I’m not even too sure how it happened. It seemed as though out of nowhere, we were popping up into each other’s inboxes, and each time she reached out to me, I found myself LOLing, for real. […]

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