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Five Soul Faves: An Ode to Sally Kempton

You may not be used to seeing videos on a Friday around here, but in all truth this one regurgitated out of me just moments before I left my pad here in Hollywood for a saunter around Santa Monica. I’m so very much looking forward to writing all about this trip while I’m mid-air, on the […]

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Bungee Jumping, Blowwaves & Setting Shots On Fire.

There are trends that are in you, you know? There are themes your soul projects. Yes, there are patterns within you that are somewhat limiting you (don’t worry, those can be dissolved), but there’s also such innate and authentic conditioning deep within, and it’s here to serve you; to guide you with ease and strength […]

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Such Different Vixens: Miann Scanlan

Stunning. Captivating. Vulnerable in the softest and most surprising of ways. It’s likely that you already follow Miann and the beautiful work that she shares with the world: The imagery. The finer details. The way she so beautifully curates and collaborates. The delicate blend of fashion and wellness, of the ‘x-factor’ with her unmistakable earthiness. […]

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Writing a Book: Behind the Scenes. Part One

Those of us who crave creativity and get high from the outward expression of it, go a little loopy for a bit of behind-the-scenes action, I reckon. And I know that we have many a blogger, writer, author, creator among us who grace these pages, so I’ve made the executive decision that keeping this book-writing process […]

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Am I Really Supported By The Divine? Always?

You’ve been taking your seat for meditation daily, for weeks. You’ve reached new depths on your yoga mat. Your hips? They’ve opened. Your spine? It’s elongated. Your heart? Humming.Your skin has cleared up. Your friendships are glowing. You bounce out of bed with sprite. Synchronicities are side-swiping you into a tizzy of wonder, of awe.And […]

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5 Soul Faves: Yoginis To Summon Your Spirit

Today I want to introduce you to five incredible yoginis local to this area; women who I have had the utmost pleasure of studying under, being guided by, and practicing alongside. They have transformed and inspired my own personal practice to no end. Not just making pretty shapes, these beauties are absolute lighthouses carrying amazing messages […]

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let's just see what happens

Let’s Just See What Happens

When was it?The last time you made a promise that this time, you’ll stick to your routine. Or that this time, you’ll never waver. Or that this time, you’ve (finally) got it all figured out?Are we gluttons for punishment, or something? Surely we know by now that overly grandiose structures and predictions leave us scratching our heads and dusting off the […]

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sunlight soup

Sunshine Soup

I’ve just finished a three day winter Sol Juice Cleanse (which was amazing). What sets it apart is that it caters to this cooling weather, with the inclusion of two meals of lentil per day, to be warmed on the stove top. However, knowing where I’m at in my life right now, I knew I’d […]

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Oh G’day Ego! You Cheeky Little Devil, You!

I sincerely don’t want you to feel helpless and exasperated while you’re treading down the path into Self.For a journey that opens our hearts to compassion and kindness, simplicity and patience, unwavering and fierce love, we somehow manage to do an almighty fine job of showering ourselves in harshness and complication. And – the greatest tragedy […]

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Such Different Vixens: Morgan Leigh from LOVEleigh Designs

Radiant, luminous and that perfect pinch of cheek that I find so endearing in all the Canadians I know and love, this chica – Morgan – is a specimen of delight and beauty and surprise. We meet at a funky cafe in Byron Bay. I’m digging into a roasted sweet potato, and she’s sipping on chai (they […]

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Photographer - Hannah Millerick

How To Be More Peaceful and Patient

Let it go, love. That conversation that’s still pulling U-turns in your brain. That spike of disgust, envy, discontent that you felt… eons ago. That choice you made, despite knowing you were betraying yourself in the process. It’s done now. Done, and absolutely dusted. Poof! Goneskies. And it’s time you came to really, really understand the power of […]

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Image by photographer, Amanda Gilligan

Lucky Dip: Whispers From My Journal

It’s weird. I feel uncomfortable. I feel full of doubt about this.You will find another way, T. You always do. You adapt, you devote, you know how to find your feet.Will I experience that degree of spirituality and synchronicity as I did then? Do not attach to the symbol. When you cling, you cannot create. You […]

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{large} how to let go of unhappy friends

How to Let Go of Unhappy Friends

The dark side of divine progress, of evolution, of the awakening of the real you? Growing pains. Pangs of separation. I’ve written and vlogged about this before, and suggested a few ways in which we can all quit judging others on our quest for the Ultimate Ultimate. I believe it all (always) needs to boil down into a thick […]

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Image by photographer, Julian Beattie

5 Soul Faves: Ways to Worship Him (or Her)

What’s the best way to come out of the closet and announce that you want to steer your ship a little towards the weird and wonderful world of relationships? How to understand them. How to make them better, richer, more meaningful. How to love like never before. I’m completely motivated to start more conversations here about […]

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You DO What You ARE (So Move It)

Sometimes, I sit in stillness in the sand, looking out to sea, wondering what today might be like if it weren’t for the cumulative change I’ve made over the last few years.I think to the times I was struck by annoyance, frustration, burn out. My medicine for those states would be a big old bitch-fest, or […]

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