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I'll show you how to do it with grace.

Join us! The Party Girl’s Guide to Peace

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Can I convince you that cultivating a self-love practice is infinitely sexier than any amount of praise any man can lay on you? That landing your butt on a meditation cushion is more wholesome than any diet? That coconut water tastes better than wine? That saying ‘no’ is edgier and way more cool than social smoking?  That paving your own path and crafting your life according to how you want to feel,  is more impactful and powerful than any freakin’ corporate ladder? That waking up at 5am rocks. Life is for living, dammit.  Not for sleeping in with the curtains closed. That hitting your pillow at night with a smile on your face is a far greater achievement than staying up till 10am? That silence is sweeter than noise?

Actually, I’m not here to convince you of anything.  And to be honest, long sales pages give me the shits, so let’s make this short and sweet.

The Party Girls’ Guide to Peace is a 7 Lesson Temple of Transparency and Truth.  

It’s a resource for women who are prepared (no matter how terrified they may be) to free themselves from their Party Girl Career and instead, as a community, move forward, owning the shit out of Peace.


Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a uni student who lives for Wednesday night $3 vodka specials, or a mumma bear who keeps turning to the glass at the end of a long day. Whether you’re tired of getting black out drunk, or from waking up foggy after just one glass of wine, this is my gift to you.


This experience was created to rocket launch you out of your comfort zone, alongside a community who’s got your back.

This is not about restriction and deprivation.  It’s not about never having another drink again (unless you want it be), or becoming a hermit who does nothing but sip tea and read romance novels (although if you’re anything like me, that sounds damn sexy).  I’m not asking that you entirely uproot, disconnect from every morsel of your life and start again.  That is not the intention of the PGG2P.

I’m just asking that you show up, with a desire to live a better life.

This is about unchaining yourself from conditioned thinking and circumstances, and putting an end to self-destructive behaviour.  It’s about stripping away the bullshit that stifles your brilliance and smothers your dreams.  It’s about becoming strong again; flexing your ‘no’ muscles, prioritising true happiness and creating room in your life for exceptional experiences, conversations, relationships and golden moments. It’s about switching off the autopilot, and living a life of choice.

The Party Girls Guide to Peace is for curious, open-hearted, broken-hearted, frustrated women who long to feel  and look better and treat their bodies more kindly.  It’s for women who are tired of berating themselves in the mirror, and cursing their diminishing bank account (a big weekend ain’t cheap). It’s for anyone who regularly recites to themselves: ‘I just want to find some like-minded people.’

Partying ain’t your vice? Maybe you’ve got an unhealthy relationship with food, or romance, or with yourself. Don’t let the name of this guide fool you- whether you’re dependant on tequila, or comparison, drama or food; this is your temple of healing.

So why would you want to trust me?

From fully fledged, balls-to-the-wall Party Girl, to a Protege of Peace.  From a ‘shitty childhood’ to an un-shiftable attitude of gratitude for all of life (even the shitty bits).  From self-proclaimed, playin’-it-safe tomboy, to a woman in the world- making her own mark, and embracing this strange, wonderful thing called femininity.  I’m Tara Bliss (yep, that’s my real name!), and today, I’m a 26 year old (ex) Party Girl carving out a revolution for anyone with the guts to join me.  I’ve coached over forty women one-on-one, guided over 100 women throughthe PGG2P, and I’ve toured around Australia to rock the mic- speaking to audiences that are ready to open the hell up and expand. I’m here, with this Guide in my tool kit, to blow your mind.

Enough from me- I’ll let the content do the talking.  Here’s your breakdown:


  • 10 minute Party-Girl specific Affirmation Recording

  • Audio recording of my Party Girl Career

  • Interview with Belinda Davidson; medical intuitive, modern day mystic, and my very beloved mentor.  If you pick up what she throws down, your life will never be the same again. Period.

  • The Warm Up: Homework to get your healing juices flowing.








Featuring these experts:


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Jess Ainscough: Holistic Health Coach, Published Author, Cancer Thriver

Stephanie Hibiscus Moon: Crystal Healer and creator of the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy

Yvette Luciano: Founder of Earth Events, Holistic Health Coach, Cancer Thriver

Hayley Carr: NLP Practitioner, Life Coach, Karate World Champ & Health Coach

Belinda Davidson: Medical Intuitive & Creator of The School of the Modern Mystic

Rach MacDonald: Life Coach, Online Business Coach, Writer

Melissa Ambrosini: Holistic Health & Life Coach, Writer

From friend-detoxes, to liver-friendly herbs.  Visualisations to Crystal Healing.  From creativity to scripts on how to say no without pissing people off and feeling like a loser, we have you covered.

Oh, and did I mention you get to join the most incredible online community ever?  Yep, ever.


Dear Tara,

Party Girls Guide to Peace has CHANGED MY WHOLE LIFE!

2012 was a pretty huge party year for me. By the end of the year I remember thinking- this year has been pretty fun but I absolutely cannot relive it again!  And along came PGG2P…

If I’m honest I had been wanting to stop partying for years, but when you’re single and that’s always been your thing- it’s hard to walk away. Who would I be if not this? Tara- you gave me the tools to say no and to be true to who I wanted to be. And the group of amazing PGG2P girls cheered me along the whole way! They were the greatest support.

Today I spend my weekends at farmers markets, drinking green smoothies and walking on the beach. And I LOVE it! I have more energy, I sleep better, my hair has grown, my skin is brighter and I am killing it at work! (Seriously- my boss asked me a few weeks in what had happened to me!)  When I talk to my friends I actually remember our conversations and most of them have changed with me because they can all see how happy I am.

I feel like I know what I want out of life and I try and be my best self everyday. I have learnt how to be kind to myself, which is huge for me! Life is bright & full of endless possibilities and I am here and present and experiencing everything. I really wanted you to know the huge effect you have had on my life & will continue to have. I am so grateful to you & this course for my amazing life.

Jane Connors

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“When I first saw that Tara was putting together this revolutionary programme, there was a part of me that thought, “Well, I’ve never really been a big drinker or taken drugs, so this probably isn’t for me”. Then I felt this huge lump in my throat. This programme was for me, but not to get over partying in the traditional sense. I realised that for years I’d been holding my own pity parties, where my fears and I were the only guests and I felt inauthentic and stuck.

This programme allowed me to really connect with the part of me that was frightened of change, wondering what the hell it was I was hiding from and to transition through everything with grace, elegance and a little bit of sparkle. I think I’m more me now that I’ve ever been.

Whether hard-core party girl or pity party girl, this programme will support and guide you to becoming the best, raw version of yourself. It’s a true investment in your future.”

Katie Manning





Tara is a rare, honest, brave conduit for finding true joy in life. You’ll see your story in hers, and she’ll help you find the light in yours. Tara is an incredible guide for women, leading them to find their true path and happiness.”

Leonie Dawson  Business + Life Mentor:

BY231110_018Tara has created a truly beautiful and spiritual online space for modern women. Free of pretense and perfectionism, Tara’s encouraging and enlightening words always speak right to my heart with a genuineness that can’t be compared. Whenever I leave Such Different Skies I do so feeling wiser, gentler and more connected to myself and higher purpose. There truly is nothing more that you could ask from a beautiful space such as this.

Julie Parker Counsellor, Business + Life Coach, Author, Tedx Speaker:

Jia Ni Teo

Tara Bliss is a true miracle worker. She empowers women to rise above their fears, live authentically, and shine. Her blog, Such Different Skies, is one of my go-to places for strength and inspiration. Tara radiates with a positive and beautiful energy that is contagious– and life-changing.

Jia Ni Teo  Holistic Life + Health Coach:


Tara Bliss reminds us all that ‘we have the power’. Her raw honesty is inspirational as she encourages us to look inside ourselves with love and compassion and find the strength that was always there.

Dani Angel Creator of Scented Holistic Skincare

Screen Shot 2012-10-24 at 10.29.58 AM

Hi Tara,

Wanting to express to you my gratitude for the work you do – particularly the PGG2P! I have followed you for nearly 12 months now and feel that you are largely to thank for assisting me on my journey of getting to know myself as a spiritual being.

Although I haven’t been a “party girl” for a couple of years now, I gained incredible insight and wisdom from the course. Professionally and personally. I work in an Emergency Department environment, where I often work with people under the influence of substances. Many of these people are ready to make changes in their lifestyle, many are not. As much I disagree with it, the public health system is heavily influenced by the medical model. So, having your fresh perspective has made a powerful impact to the way I think about addictions and approach my professional practice.

It has been amazing to have made connections with some beautiful women – both online and in person! The content of the course has given me a lot to think about and something I will likely find myself referring back to. I have loved every bit of it, however found the conversation and declaring the day of healing to be particularly useful to me. I feel more confident in my own chosen path and at ease in surrendering and letting things just be.

You write beautifully and it is always such a pleasure to read your work. I feel totally blessed to have stumbled across your website all those months ago! Thanks again babe, you really are serving a powerful purpose.

Much love always,

Sarah xo

Screen Shot 2012-10-24 at 10.29.58 AM

The peace I’ve discovered in my heart and soul, the freedom of spirit and ability to move on from a party identity that caused years of fear and pain, is truly comforting. I knew a life without drinking to excess was what I needed, I was in a cycle of anxiety fuelled by alcohol and unable to break free or make positive changes. I just didn’t like myself (so sad!). I considered going to AA, but Party Girls came along and was the style of support I needed, online, with the gorgeous Tara and spiritual solutions. I was excited to spend my weekends going over the content, with a clear mind as opposed to drowning my issues in wine. Whilst stopping the party is an isolating process, I now feel more connected to the universe than ever! I feel part of something subliminally and inexplicably cool! I love my balanced chakras, and the energy around excessive drinking makes me want to run away, hold a crystal and meditate. I know this is just the beginning of a healing journey, but thank goodness I’m on the way. Namaste bitches!

Vicki Lee.

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I joined the Party Girls Guide To Peace program because I got a strong calling to do so from the universe. It keptpopping up in front of me and I couldn’t ignore it! It was an obvious clear sign I had to do it.

I pretty much spent most of my 20′s playing the role of the party girl and even though I’ve long left that behind now, I just wanted to be 100% party girl free. I felt when I was in the presence of those partying to excess that I couldn’t say no and I would end up getting caught up in the drinking (which I really did not want to be part of any more). One drink would lead to too many and the next day I was filled with guilt along with beating myself up. It was a vicious circle that kept repeating itself from time to time.  I slowly started to see the damage it was doing to me; my health, my happiness, my relationships, my creativity and my inner joy. It was knocking my self-confidence, self-esteem and self worth as well as keeping me in a state of imbalance for a few days afterwards.

I also wanted to learn how to say NO comfortably and leave all self-destructive behaviour behind! I was craving to meet a bunch of like-minded supportive souls to connect with. That’s exactly what I got from this program and muchmore.

Tara is such a beautiful sagacious soul with a big open heart who shares so much from her past enabling us to make the positive changes. I loved every bit of the program, from all the worksheets, the videos and fun homework.

One big takeaway for me from this program was that I am worthy of my dreams, I am worthy of an amazing and incredible life and I don’t need alcohol to give me an instant high or pick me up anymore. I can now go out and enjoy a glass or two of wine and go home happy not feeling like I am missing out. Its funny how much you can change; my weekends look a whole lot different now. I now enjoy getting into bed early with a book or a movie while enjoying a glass of wine or heading to a nice bar for one or two drinks. Thank you Tara, for showing me the light and pointing me in the right direction of following my dreams. I’ll be forever grateful for you and your amazing program.

Corona Brady


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Wanna get HIGH on the good stuff?  Yeah, me too.

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P.S:  Less hangovers!  More vitality!  Clearer skin!  More meaningful relationships!  Bring that shit on.  Join the convoy.  Commit to peace!



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