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Self-Centred Sundays

I hope you all had a fabulous Easter weekend; enjoying time with your family, friends, or even some gorgeous solo-time. Any excuse to reflect, celebrate, laugh and of course, take an extra few days off work is a golden one!

While I don’t resonate with any particular religion, I found it serendipitous that the book that holds the key to my heart at the moment is Conversations With God – by Neale Donald Walsch. Have you read it? It’s outstanding. Like, heart-thumping-yes-YES-this-is-everything-I-KNOW-in-my-heart-to-be-true kind of outstanding.

So, even though I strongly disagree with religious dogma, and while church isn’t for me, and even though I won’t baptise my future children, I spent Easter weekend entirely immersed in love and awareness of ‘God’. Actually, I prefer to say ‘Soul’, but meh, what’s in a name?

One of the many things I love about life today is that you can build spirituality however you like. You can pray without going to church or getting down on both knees. You can believe without believing in what every one else does. You can glance up at the sky and know that you’re been looked out for, without knowing exactly what by.

It’s all a juiced-up, romantic, beautiful mystery to behold.


Looking Back. The Highlight Reel.

I’ve learnt something this week…


Working outside as much as possible, and taking “movement” breaks in-between to-do’s is not only straight up nourishment for my soul, but it’s better for my business, my brain, and my health. It’s not rocket science; knowing that this stuff is good for you is one thing, but experiencing it is a total different ball game.

The pay off? Way more energy. Never before seen productivity. Grounded inspiration. Total appreciation. And that wonderful feeling that becomes a little speckled with disbelief as if to say: “I got all that done today and got a tan?! Sweet!”

Brights, Black + White and Rock’n’Roll

clothes scs

I have to be really honest here; I chronically dislike clothes shopping- which is more than likely (!) the reason my wardrobe is so appalling. However, prompted by this week’s tour down to Sydney and Melbourne for Sisterhood + Self-Love, I picked up these gems, and I’m pleased to say I’m happy to rethink this whole ‘retail therapy’ thing. It dawned on me that piecing together an outfit really is a creative process, and that looking nice, actually, well, feels really nice. Whodathunkit? The outfit I’m wearing above makes me feel a million dollars. A sheer top, skull tights and studded boots. We have a winner.

{black top, necklace and skirt from Dishh, blouse and tights from Myer (Miss Shop), and boots from Novo}

Synchronicities + Gifts in the Mail


So, Rach and I were sipping on our green smoothies, alfresco style, at a rather awesome cafe in Broadbeach earlier in the week, discussing our visions for the future; both for business and life, and particularly, the re-branding of our websites and online presence.

I said to her ‘I’m not entirely sure what it looks like just yet, but I know that there’s quite a bit of orange… and sacred geometry… it’s kinda got this… ‘old meets new’ vibe to it…’

My jaw dropped the next day when I checked the mailbox to find a gift from my gorgeous friend Melissa; a chakra two bracelet from Tara Wolf .

Orange. Sacred Geometry. Old meets new.

Universe – I hear you.

And Mel + the team at Tara Wolf- thank you so (so, so) much.

Face-to-Face with my Party Girls


I had the absolute pleasure of spending 3 beautiful hours with four local girls that took part in the first round of the Party Girls Guide to Peace.

Talk about surreal.

I can’t help but think back to November, when the idea first dawned on me to create an environment where women felt safe prioritising their health. It sounds like a piece of cake, right? Trust me, when you’re deep into the grip of your Party Girl identity, nothing feels as vulnerable and uncertain as walking away from a lifestyle that in many ways, makes a ‘hero’ out of you.

The girls ate vegan pizza and nachos as I dug into my acai bowl, and I listened intently as they spoke about what they’ve gotten out of the program. Bloody awesome. I can barely wait for round 2.

Early bird spots are available NOW, but only until midnight Tuesday 2 April AEST (Click here!). Oh, and you save a whopping 40%!



In Mexico, about a year ago, I hand drew a vision board of ‘Life in Burleigh Heads’. Blogging, farmers markets, yoga, coaching, freedom, Reiki. On Thursday I was attuned as a Level 1 practitioner, and it’s already revolutionising my life. This is definitely the beginning of a beautiful relationship; I look forward to blogging more about my experience with it.


How I celebrated Self-Centred Sundays this week.



Surf-hunting with my man, followed by an exquisite Reiki-chakra meditation on the beach. His and hers blueberry smoothies. A trip to the organic markets (bless the market peeps. Showing up on Easter Sunday? Shheessssh!). Eating turmeric quinoa fritters with avocado salsa and coriander Coyo (hellooooo humming 3rd and 4th chakras!). Watching re-runs of My Kitchen Rules, and really, not a lot else!

It was lovely to switch off for the day.

Here’s how YOU celebrated! Hashtag that shit: #selfcentredsundays

scs others


Facing Forward.

This week beckons: Golden Opportunities. I intend on taking them on.

I want to feel: Spacious and Open. Free-flowing.

I’m going to say no to: Winging it! Keep your eyes peeled on Friday’s post for this one. ‘Organised’ is something I’m shooting for this week, seeing as I’ll be whizzing around the country. Preparation is key.

And yes to: Anything that scares the pants off me!


Congratulations to Katherine, who won two tickets to the Self Love and Sisterhood event in Sydney this Wednesday night! If you haven’t already grabbed your tickets to the Sydney or Melbourne event, join us! And make sure you come up and give me a cuddle!

Over to you sweet thing. I’d love to hear all about your Self-Centred Easter Sunday. Maybe it wasn’t self-centred at all? Maybe it was allllllll about community and giving? Let me hear it.

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3 Responses to Self-Centred Sundays

  1. Claire // This is Lifeblood April 1, 2013 at 1:55 pm #

    Blissful post honey. You’re right, there’s definitely something about knowing what is good for you and actually experiencing it. For me, yesterday was about creative release. I spent it cooking, drawing, meditating and hanging at the beach before coming home to write my little heart out. And BOOM two blog posts. Loving Self Centred Sundays. x.

    • Tara April 1, 2013 at 2:10 pm #

      Oh that makes me so happy!

      It’s the little things isn’t it? So often we digest the information and let it pass through. But we’ve got to KNOW the new stuff on an experiential level. When you do- everything changes! xx

  2. Tara October 1, 2014 at 7:21 am #

    Good post. I’m facing a few of these issues as well..

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