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Soph’s Vegan Gingerbread Cookies

Round 2 of The Vegan Dare saw my dear friend Soph mixing up a festive, gingery storm!

Soph is the owner of a vicious sweet tooth, so I’ll admit without any hesitation; that I’ve been a little excited, maybe even a little impatient, waiting for this recipe. And while these gingerbread men {and cats and trees} aren’t tangible to me and I can’t physically taste them, I almost kinda can, just by looking at them. You did me proud lady beetle! And what’s more, you used Isa Chandra as your inspiration, who is truly one of mine too.

Here’s what Soph had to say about her sans dairy baking experience…

How did you initially feel about being featured on The Vegan Dare?
Hesitant, until my competitive nature got the better of me.

Have you considered vegan cooking before?
Baking-wise, always in the too hard basket. I have considered it for other meals though. Although I’d prefer to be eating them rather than making them (but I feel like that when it comes to most meals anyway).

So, the final result! How was it?

Any particular pros or cons from your vegan cooking experience?
Not really. It was all pretty straight forward and using wet ingredients such as vegetable oil wan’t dissimilar to using melted butter.

Would you participate in Meatless Mondays as a regular tradition?
Reducing meat consumption is something I’m conscious of, and Meatless Mondays is a good way of marketing this concept. However, knowing me I’d probably go all non-conformist and do Meatless Tuesdays or change it up each week. I can be difficult like that.

Soph, thanks for sharing the love, and for taking a little chunk out of your hugely popular bloggy life to create something that is mindful, compassionate, and undoubtedly, delicious! You rock. Pop on over to Sophie’s recipe here.

Now… who’s going to be my next victim?

Peace {and gingerbread}
Tara x

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