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I'll show you how to do it with grace.

I am – gratefully, respectfully – fully booked for 2015. Deep bow to all the ladies who have joined, and are currently joining me on this journey. Jump on my newsletter list here for a heads up on coaching opportunities, or wrap your eyes around one of my books.

Please email tara (at) suchdifferentskies (dot) com to enquiry about coaching opportunities

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My blend of no B/S, spirit-fuelled coaching and honest-to-goodness swagger is for you if you’re a  wide-eyed hopeful who’s open, intelligent, enthusiastic and ready to make a change.

LIFE is the grandest game of all, and you know there’s gotta be a better way to play it. You want a completely new foundation; a fresh pitch.

You’ll come to me feeling overwhelmed, disconnected and as though you’re behind the eight ball.

Maybe you’re feeling the pang of comparison tugging at your chest?  Maybe I’m Not Good Enough is a regular soundtrack that stubbornly rattles its way through your mind. Maybe the I Should Have Done More With My Life By Now’s sit heavily in your belly.

In one way or another, you feel isolated. Like the black sheep of the family. Like the girl at the office who looks around to her colleagues, thinking ‘Who the hell are you people?’. Like the girl who’s dreading Friday night out with the girls, because she’d rather jump into her jammies, light a candle, and read. Like the girl who’s seeking out meaning in a world that worships materialism.

I’ll teach you that this is a sacred, beautiful journey; not one that you should fear, or hide from.  This is part of the creative cycle; part of the rhythms of life.  To create, to live boldly, to manifest dream experiences, Life will demand that you get a little quiet. Spend a little time alone.  Contemplate a little.  

You are not an alien.  You’re just growing.

I’ll teach you how to care for yourself. Holistically. Sustainably. Soulfully.

How to tend to your dreams while nursing your presence.  How to transform your fears into rocket fuel while opening up, and letting go.

You’ll leave our sessions feeling lighter, clearer, focused. Ready to take aim at life.  Ready to love bigger, live larger and sink a little further into the silence. That I can guarantee.

Straight from the source:

I feel like ‘Shit yeah the world has my back, it’s all going to work out just perfect’. I always feel open and trusting and confident after our sessions.   -Rebecca Shann

I am more in tune with myself than ever, and taking inspired action to create what I want with my life has become a beautiful habit.  -Ruby Toad

Our sessions feel like an act of self love, and like something magical happens to bring clarity into my current situation so I can propel forward… I feel less confused, more confident and sure of my purpose.  – Vicki Lee Heath

And at the end of our coaching relationship, you’ll feel cracked open; more raw, authentic and vulnerable than ever before.  More at peace.  Less stressed! More chilled!

Moving forward, the sky is NOT the limit, and you’ll begin to believe that when you start making the journey down from your head, towards your heart.  You’ll begin to trust that life has a plan far greater for you than anything you can possibly conceptualise.  It’s all about meeting Life half way, and when I’m done with you, you’ll know how to.  No hand-holding required.  No 24/7 support.  3-5 months of Tara Time, and you’ll be a brand new woman in the world, making an unashamed, fierce, anchored mark on it.

Let’s Dance.  Here’s How I Roll…

Full disclosure: I can’t tell you what your life purpose is, and I have no interest in pretending as though I can predict it. I believe my role here is to assist you in allowing that kind of life-altering illumination to reveal itself to you. We do that by opening our eyes a little wider, feeling the world around us, and answering the calls of our inner most desires.

Textbook coaches.  I’m not one of them.  I was too busy coaching clients to become qualified.  I think they call it ‘on the job training.’

My intuition is my compass, sister girl, and together, we’ll take each and every session as it comes.  Structure, be damned. No, really.

I’m a Piscean.  Freedom, creativity and romance are high on my list of priorities, and I’ve noticed something – my clients crave the same. I bet you do, too. So it would be aloof of me to box you up with rigid homework, ego-centric ‘goals’ and un-wholesome intentions.  There are coaches out there who are incredibly gifted with systems, goals and deadlines. Not me…

Give me soul, or nothing.

As my client, you’ll learn how to live at different speeds, and switch into gears like: soulful, gentle, organic, ease. You’ll learn how to trust, which – trust me – is something not many of us human beings know how to do.  We think the more we predict, project, control, determine, the more prosperous, happy, satisfied and fulfilled we become.  Wrong.  Trust in the unknown.  Embrace the uncertainty of Life! Give your intuition the nod.  Forge forward. Easier said than done, right?  Don’t worry, I’ve got your back.

I give five year plans the finger.

Let’s reel that dream in.  You don’t have to wait five years to be worthy.  You are worthy right here, and right now, and dammit, I want you to feel good today.

Not in 6 months.

Not when you get the promotion.

Not after your quit the job.

Not after you’ve written the book.

Lost the weight.

Dropped the addiction or

Experienced an epiphany.

Today. Now.

I’m also not interested in the root cause of your problems. We don’t have to go there, babe.  I’m not a therapist with a brown leather couch and I will not probe you about your past.

You can release your resentments, bitterness, jealousy and broken heart in one sweet, intentional breath. We’ll pause for a few of those breaths in our sessions. Maybe even a meditation or two. Maybe even the odd bout of silence. (Because silence really is golden – yep, even via Skype)

Guess what?

You are not damaged goods.  You are not broken.  Maybe you just need a little guidance; a little clarity to cut through the fuzzies. A place where the ‘weirdness’ feels safe enough to become the new ‘normal.’ That’s what I’m here for. I carry the torch as you navigate the black forest at night. It’s time to get on with your life; time to turn your gaze forward again, and walk on peacefully.

Wanna hear from some of my clients?  Click here. 


What I know to be true.

We’re going to have a golden time together. Yep, we’re going to bust those fears, dissolve limiting beliefs, take scary but oh-so-worth-it risks, open up to receive, become more generous, prioritise LOVE – but you know what- we’re also going to have a brilliant time doing it, and we’re going to enjoy some pretty epic conversations with each other.

Actually, that’s one of my favourite things about this job: having intelligent, articulate, curious, rebellious, deeply transformative conversations with inspired and enthusiastic chicas, like yourself.

What I’m Not.

A blog coach.

A business coach.

A Fakey McFake pants.

What I Am.

A compassionate soul with a heart full of honey and big, loving octopus arms, ready to scoop you up for a beautiful adventure of self-exploration and unconventionality.

I want to be the one to fans these flames of NEW BEGINNINGS for you. The one that reaches for the steering wheel if you start to lose your way, gently guiding you back to yourself.

So, what do you say?  It’s not a magic carpet ride, but it’s pretty bloody close.

I am – gratefully, respectfully – fully booked for 2015. Deep bow to all the ladies who have joined, and are currently joining me on this journey. Jump on my newsletter list here for a heads up on coaching opportunities, or wrap your eyes around one of my books.


*** All sessions take place over Skype – you can choose between video or voice call ***


You get: 6 x sessions (50-60 minutes) over 3 months.

PLUS lifetime access to Such Different Babes; a mastermind Facebook community created for my clients.

PLUS email support.

You invest: $480/month   (+10% GST for Aussie ladies)


You get: 10 x sessions (50-60 minutes) over 5 months

PLUS: lifetime access to Such Different Babes; a mastermind Facebook community created for my clients.

PLUS: email support.

You invest: $420/month (+10% GST for Aussie ladies)

If you reckon I’m the mentor for you, email me at tara (at) suchdifferentskies (dot) com with:

  • ‘Coaching enquiry’ in the subject line
  • Your name, age, location
  • A brief description of where you’re at in your life right now, and what changes you’re hoping to make over the coming months
  • A sentence or two on why you’re drawn to me as your coach

If I feel as though we’d be a good fit for each other, I’ll be in touch ASAP with more information (agreements, Getting To Know You questionnaires, and invoices).

I can’t wait to get you HIGH on the good stuff!


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